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Insignium Wealth Management AG is an independent wealth management firm that was founded in 2012. We offer honest and independent asset management services which are tailored to the needs of our clients.

Our highly qualified team of professionals have occupied senior positions of responsibility at major financial institutions situated in the principal global financial centres. This experience, together with our knowledge, dedication and integrity has allowed us to stand out among our peers and become one of the most important independent financial firms in Zurich.


We aim to advise you in all of your financial affairs and aspire to be your trusted advisor. The principal objective of our multidisciplinary team of professionals, together with a broad network of specialized external advisors, is to respond diligently to the broad requirements of our clients who have origins and interests in several different jurisdictions.

In short, we aim to help you to achieve an optimum balance between asset protection and growth. In order to achieve these aims we take into consideration essential elements of wealth management such as appetite and aversion to risk, strategy management, asset structure, consolidation, fiscal environment and succession planning.



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Independence is a word that is used commonly in our industry. Many institutions boast about how independent they are whilst behaving in a manner which contradicts this stance. Hence the only way of knowing if a financial entity is really independent is by observing what they do rather than what they say.

Our firm is conscious of just how essential independence is. Not just as a boast but as a basic element which must feature prominently in day to day activities. We have learnt that the only way to gain the confidence of our clients in the long term is by being honest and transparent in everything we do.

We are convinced that true independence implies open architecture. Consequently we recommend to our clients the best banks and financial intermediaries available on an entirely non exclusive basis.

We seek to be in a position to control the solvency and quality of service offered by custodian banks to our clients. We can then ensure that these entities meet with our stringent standards of quality and security over time. Our independence allows us to recommend a change of custodian or intermediary when circumstances demand that such action is taken.

Simon Lutch

Founder + Non Executive President of the Board

Jacobo Steiner

Co-Founder + Member of the Board

Felipe Chediak

Co-Founder + Member of the Board

Faustino García

CEO + Member of the Board

Fernando Barroso

Global CIO

Aitor García

Deputy CEO + CIO Switzerland

Ainara Camiño

Senior Adminitrstive

Javier Garach

Markets Analyst

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