We are part of a group of companies that was founded in Switzerland in 2012 to offer financial services mainly to Spanish speaking clients.

Our professionals are highly qualified and have years of experience, with relevant positions in prestigious financial institutions located in the best financial centers in the world. We share a common professional and financial culture in which core values such as customer loyalty, capital protection and the long term prevail.


To provide advice to families, businesses and individuals in all their financial matters. The main objective of our multidisciplinary team of professionals is to respond to the needs of our national and international clients. Ultimately, we want to help achieve an optimal balance between wealth protection and wealth growth. To achieve these objectives we take into account essential management elements such as risk exposure, control, structuring, consolidation, taxation and succession.



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Independence is a word that is used a lot in our industry. A large number of entities presume to act independently while doing quite the opposite. Thus, the only way to know if a company is really independent is to analyze what they do instead of what they say.

Our team is aware of the importance of independence, not only as a message but also as a basic element of our daily activity. We have learned that you can only earn a customer's trust in the long term if we apply honesty and transparency in everything we do.

We are convinced that genuine independence implies open architecture. Thus, we recommend to our clients the best banks and financial intermediaries from a non-exclusive perspective.

We want to be able to control both the solvency and the quality of service provided by custodian banks to our customers to ensure that our demanding quality and safety standards are met at all times. Our independence allows us to recommend the change of custodian or intermediary when circumstances require it.

Last but not least, we believe that assets of a certain size cannot and should not be deposited in a single financial institution. The principle of diversification as a means of risk reduction should not be limited to asset allocation, but should also extend to the selection of custodian banks.

100% professional

Simon Lutch


Born in London, he began his banking career in London in 1987. After 18 years with BBVA at the bank's headquarters in London, Jersey and Zurich, he went on to work for Rothschild Bank in Zurich for 5 years.

During his career he has held various senior management positions such as Director of Private Banking for Spain and Latin America, Director of Internal Control (Legal and Compliance) and Director of Emerging Markets. He has also been appointed to the board of Bilbao Vizcaya Bank (Jersey) Ltd and its subsidiary Canal Trust Company Ltd (trust company).

Educated at St. Phillips Preparatory School (London), The London Oratory School (London), Birkbeck College of the University of London (London) and OU Business School (United Kingdom), he has been a member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI) since 2000 and served on its Admissions Board in Switzerland from 2010 to 2012.


Faustino Garcia


Faustino started his career in the Swiss Banking sector in 1996, with an apprenticeship at AIG Private Bank AG. In 2000 he was recruited by Commerzbank (Schweiz) AG and was employed on the operations side of the bank. In 2004 he was employed by Credit Suisse First Boston also in an operational capacity. At that point Faustino decided to move into the client side of private banking and accepted a position in 2007 at BBVA (Suiza) AG for the Latin American desk. In 2008 Faustino was headhunted by Rothschild Bank AG where he worked for total of 8 years.

During his banking career Faustino has worked in various departments within the industry. As a result he has a broad knowledge of the international banking system seen from one of the most important sources of international wealth management services. This coupled to his exposure to client relations in diverse international environments has provided him with a broad base of knowledge and experience of international legal, fiscal and regulatory issues.

Faustino achieved a Certificate of Banking Competence from the KV Business School in Zurich and later a certificate in Marketing from the KS Kaderschule in Zurich . He went on to graduate from the AKAD Banking and Finance HFBF with a College of Professional Education and Training (PET) degree in Banking.

The Invisible Hand

social responsibility

In Insignium we consider that we can and must contribute something more than what Adam Smith had defined as "the invisible hand" in his book "Theory of Moral Feelings" (1759). That's why we try to do our bit by supporting initiatives, projects and events that can make a difference.

Projects supported to date:

2016 - Reconstuyendo Sueños por Manabí (Terremoto Ecuador)

2015 - Row2Rio (Macmillan Cancer Fund)

2014 - Aid to Chad (Dr. Jorge Muñoz)

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