Insignium Group Wealth Management



We are part of a group of companies that were founded in Switzerland in the year 2012, we offer services financial services mainly to customers Spanish speaking. SEE MORE


We want to help achieve a optimal balance between protection of wealth and the asset growth. SEE MORE


Our professionals are highly qualified with years of experience in relevant positions in entities of prestige. SEE MORE

Comprehensive wealth management


Our team has a lot of experience advising families and international companies on essential elements of wealth management. This experience combined with our network of lawyers, auditors and external specialists allows us to face and overcome situations of enormous complexity. SEE MORE

Focused on our clients


Our process is focused on obtaining the best results for our clients.

It is based on 4 fundamental pillars that allow us to identify opportunities and take advantage of them efficiently:

Data Gathering is a constant at Insignium, it is key for our relationship with our clients to understand their financial needs, to understand their short, medium and long term financial objectives.
Establishing an Investment Policy is necessary as a guide for our asset managers, the more information that is gathered and reflected within the investment guidelines, the better our asset managers can elaborate the clients allocation strategy.
The implementation of the Asset Allocation Strategy is the responsibility of our Asset Allocation Committee. The committee establishes our universe of preferred investments. Our investment managers use this universe in order to select the assets that adhere specifically to our client ́s clearly defined asset allocation strategy.
Analyzing the results and discussing them with our clients on a regular basis helps our team to fine-tune the asset allocation strategy and align client interests with the decisions made by our team.

Schweiz: +41 43 497 9451 / International: +41 43 497 9450

Ringstrasse 15A, 8600 Dübendorf, Zürich - Suiza